Merrily We Roll Along

Merrily PosterMerrily We Roll Along is an exciting show not often done on the amateur circuit because it’s a real challenge. The characters have to play themselves over twenty years with the main characters starting in their forties when friendships have disintegrated, compromises have been made and their values worn away, and moving backwards towards an idealism that bound them in their twenties. It is a strong storyline with lots of scope for a hardworking cast, continually challenged by the complex Sondheim score and fantastically witty lyrics. The show really has something in it for everyone, whether you are young and starting out in life, have been through your own tragedies or triumphs or are going through them now. With hits made famous by Frank Sinatra (Good Thing Going) and Carly Simon (Not a Day Goes By), it is considered one of Sondheim’s most accessible musicals, and we are lucky to have a chance to bring it to the stage next year.

Show Dates

Venue: Pump House Theatre & Arts Centre
6 Performance Dates: Tuesday 1 May 2018 – Saturday  5th May at 7.30pm and matinee on 5th at 2.30pm.

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